Illuminated advertisements before shopping center.

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Outdoor advertising – Citylight

Recently, our offer of advertising space has been enriched with two more Citylight billboards set up in front of the entrance to the shopping mall Supernova in Ljubljana-Rudnik.

Both Citylight billboards are illuminated, two-sided and set up in a very visible place, which makes them particularly eye-catching!

The Citylight billboard or showcase is a back-lit advertising surface usually set up in front of entrances to malls or at parking places in front of them. The advertisement is printed on semi-gloss paper. Printing range: 1185 x 1750 mm.

More about citylights:

City Light billboard is the only unified format throughout Europe (1.2 x 1.8 m). It is erected at eye level of a person of average height. As a rule, the showcase displays one advertising surface on each side, protected with tempered safety glass, whereas the frames of the showcase are usually made of aluminium. City Light has its light source in the showcase, which is connected to public lighting, so that it switches on at dusk.