Highlight and increase your competitive edge.

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Market research

Pre-testing of (advertising) campaigns, insight into what is happening on the market, customer satisfaction surveys, competitive comparisons, measuring the impact of product placing/advertising, increasing the reputation of your company … We are here to offer you this and more! We help increase your reputation, improve your products/services, advance and facilitate your market entry and make your dreams come true!

Based on our long years of experience, we will conduct researches for you according to your company’s requirements and then, taking into account those results, advise you on how to move another step forward towards the realisation of your goals and dreams!


Based on research results, we provide you with:

  • pre-testing of campaigns;
  • insight into what is happening on a specific market;
  • up-to-date competitive comparison enabling you to highlight and increase your competitive edge;
  • measuring the impact of product placing, advertising etc. on customers and sales in order to increase your sales, customer satisfaction and the reputation of your company;
  • detecting and eliminating the shortcomings in your offer and/or service, thereby improving your customer-staff relations and, consequently, customers’ satisfaction. Your staff will be stimulated to continue improving the quality of customer operations;
  • insight into the staff-customer relations, so that you can show your employees the significance of a professional relation to customers (friendliness and helpfulness);

We can conduct the following research for you:

  • Quantitative research;
  • qualitative research or in-depth interviews;
  • focus groups and telefocus more >>
  • mystery shopper. more >>