Billboards are located at radial roads leading to city centres.

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Outdoor advertising – Jumbo poster

Our network of boards of size 4 x 3 m provides you with visibility at radial roads leading to the city centre. This medium is distinguished by low production and assembly costs of advertisements.

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  • boards are located at radial roads leading to city centres;
  • rectangular installations at radial roads guarantee excellent visibility;
  • possible rental of locations which are of strategic significance to you;
  • possible local advertisement and directions;
  • suitable for short-term campaigns or a long-term lease.
Printing on paper – lower printing costs, suitable for shorter campaigns – 1 week and more;
Printing on PVC linen (1 year stability), suitable for long-term lease.

Network of jumbo billboards of size 4 x 3 m, campaign actions (from 1 week to 2 months), printing on paper;
Long-term rental of certain advertising spaces (2 months and more), printing on PVC linen.