In the absence of proper directions, you will not reach your destination.

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Traffic signalisation – Guidance signs

Linea Media is a pioneer in the field of regulating directional traffic signalisation systems for the requirements of Slovene municipalities.

Why choose us:

  • our main guideline is the design and implementation of a modern and street-efficient directional signalisation system for traffic, tourist and other information purposes;
  • establishment of a directional system enables the unification of information and advertising panels or other business signs not designed or installed in accordance with the existing rules.

The system consists of three independent parts which apply a uniform installation technology and a uniform design with a prescribed colour code:

  • Social contents – directing drivers and pedestrians to public destinations in towns and cities, such as municipal buildings, hospitals, parts of towns and cities (e.g. centre), bus and railway stations etc;
  • Commercial targets – directing visitors and business partners to where your company is located;
  • Entrance and greeting billboards to welcome the visitors of your town or city.